Q - Where and when will the run be held?

A - It will be on 22nd Mar 2020 at the Angsana Green, East Coast Park. The event starts at 0630 and the flag off will be at 0730.


Q - Will we be issuing race packs and numbers for the run?

A - This is a non-competitive family fun run and no race packs nor numbers will be issued to participants.


Q - Are there any prizes for the top placing runners?

A - As this is a non-competitive family fun run, there will be no placing of the runners nor any prizes.


Q  - What are the registration fees for the run?

A - There are no registration fees for this run. Registration is through the purchase of a Terry Fox Run T-shirt and/or donation through the registration portal.


Q - How do I register a group to participate in the event?

A - Please refer to Group Registration.


Q - Can I exchange my t-shirt if I have ordered the wrong size?

A - To minimise wastage, we order the t-shirts according to the registration numbers. As such, we regret that we cannot entertain any size exchanges and seek your help to check the t-shirt size chart carefully.


Q - When and where will the t-shirt collection be held?

A - There is no collection this year,  t-shirts will be mailed out individually to the address provided in the registration.


Q - Can I collect my t-shirt on the run day?

A - We will not entertain t-shirt collection on the event day to minimise any disruption to the event.

Q - What is the funds collected from the Terry Fox Run Singapore used for?

A - The funds from the event is channeled to best cure-oriented cancer research programs in Singapore evaluated by Terry Fox Foundation.


Q - How much of the funds collected go towards the charity cause?

A - Across the world on average, 84 cents of every dollar collected at Terry Fox Run events goes towards cancer research. Last year, 82 cents of every dollar collected from the Terry Fox Run held at East Coast Park and the two Canadian International Schools went to the cancer research fund. This amount is achieved through the collection of pledges & donations, as well as t-shirt sales. 100% of proceeds from the t-shirt sales go toward cancer research while pledges & donations are used to pay event overheads with the remainder going towards cancer research.


Q - Do you provide tax exemption receipts for donations?

A - For donors who elect to have tax exemption for their donation, we are not providing tax exempt receipts but will submit your donation information directly to IRAS electronically through the Singapore Cancer Society. Please ensure your details are correct during the registration of donation process. Do note it may take up 5-7 weeks to process the submission to IRAS. 

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