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Run for Cancer Research!

Join us at the 2020 Terry Fox Run Singapore to raise funds to support local cancer research. Find yourself in good company jogging or walking the 5km or 10km courses. This is a fun run where the race is not against each other but against cancer. Help to win the race against cancer by raising money to fund cancer research. Funds will be awarded to local cancer research programs in collaboration with Terry Fox Research Institute and Singapore Cancer Society.

Angsana Green, East Coast Parkway

Categories & Fees

$35 per participant with T-Shirt

Individual Registration

Simply sign up and make payment online. support our sustainability efforts, we ask that you bring your own water bottle ( with water ) on run day.

This is a BYOB ( Bring your own bottle ) event. This year in line with greener initiatives participants are encouraged to bring their own bottles with water, to reduce single-use plastics.

To support our sustainability efforts, we ask that you bring your own water bottle ( with water ) on run day.

To support our sustainability efforts, we ask that you bring your own water bottle ( with water ) on run day.

Group Registration

Steps for Corporate/Group Registration
You may register for a group of participants > 10 participants

Promo Code

i. Send us an email at contactus@d3solutions.com.sg to indicate interest to form a group via purchase of promo codes. Please type subject matter “PROMO CODE REQUEST (Your Group Name XXpax)” E.g. PROMO CODE (RUN WARRIORS 12 pax).


ii. The promo code can be customised per company/group. To create your promo code, we require the following information.


a. Company Name

b. How many race slots in each category


iii.  We will send you an acknowledgement and invoice, if you require, for your payment action. 


iv. Upon confirmation, a promo code will be emailed to you.


v. You may send the customised Promo Code to your group members/employees. They may sign up at www.terryfoxrunsg.com using the promo code. Please note 1 promo code usage = 1 participant.


vi. The t-shirt will be delivered to the registration address. There will not be any pack collection.

Promo Code Important information
* The promo code is valid till the number of usages is utilised or till the end of the validity period.
* Any unutilised usages on the promo code will be regarded as donation to the cause and no refund will be made.
* Please contact us if you wish to increase the number of usages during the valid registration period.
* Final Expiry date of the promo code is on the 29 February 2020.
* We minimise waste and maximise funds to the cause by managing our inventory orders and matching desired sizes. In order to encourage early registration to help us anticipate orders, we appreciate if you can set earlier internal cut-off date to ensure orders are placed in advance.
v. An invoice will be sent to your email for your payment to the following bank account.
vi. Kindly inform us when payment is made to help us in tracking.



VISA / Mastercard payment request can be emailed to you

By Cheque:
Please write TFR2020 and Group Name on back of cheque, provide contact and mail cheques to:
Terry Fox Run 2020 c/o D3 Solutions Pte Ltd

6 Tagore Drive #01-14

Singapore 787623